I don’t want to get back in the car!

During the initial drives, Akshara was getting used to the experience. After that, things started getting difficult. Whenever i made a stop, Akshara wanted to get out and didn’t want to get back in! Since Akshara is fond of animals, i usually slow down whenever we see any animal by the side of the road. During out trip to Raigad fort, i made many such stops. Whenever the car started to move, she started crying and it took a lot of cajoling to calm her down.

The photos in this post are from our trip to Chalkewadi late last year(2009). She enjoyed every minute she was out of the car. Chalkewadi is famous for its windmill farms and the windmills there are huge, very huge. When Akshara was younger, one of her fascinations was the ceiling fan. Maybe the blades of the windmills looked like the familiar fan, she was so engrossed in them that she forced us to open the windows to have a look at them even when inside the car. The first two photos below were taken from the driver’s seat through the side-view mirror

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2 Responses

  1. beautiful pics 🙂
    and ditto with Aditi 🙁 I am scared soon she will learn to un-buckle the seat belt !!!

  2. Sriram Chitappa says:

    At last chitappa shows up with my cutti ponnu. 😀

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