Fancy Dress: Akshara as a flower girl

It is towards the end of the academic year (if it can be called so for pre-school!) and this is the time when all the events – sports day, fancy dress day and the annual day – start making an appearance. In the previous edition of the fancy dress, the theme was that of a community worker and Akshara went as a Dhobiwala. This time, they were asked to come dressed as a flower and surprisingly, the theme was common for both the guys and the girls.

fancy dress flower girl costume

There was a catch in deciding the flower costume though. Akshara was at an age when a decision could be taken only after her approval. So, when we asked her what she wanted to be, bang came the answer : Daisy Flower. Probably, being glued to “In the Night garden” on Cbeebies when she was smaller influenced her decision. Luckily, it was Vidhya who asked her the question. If it had been me and the answer had been daisy, i would have had to google to find out what Daisy was!

fancy dress flower girl costume

Off we went shopping for Daisy flowers. Akshara had an appropriate dress – one with a flower on it. Vidhya also managed to find a similar hairband. Vidhya also stitched the flowers onto the dress and also on her rubber-band bracelets. For the flower designs on her face, she used Akshara’s face cream mixed with a bit of turmeric to get the yellow centre. Two flowers were also put on her crocs to add to the effect. Akshara, surprisingly, co-operated with all the transformation that was going on.

fancy dress flower girl costume

It was an entirely different flower girl that came back from school at noon. It looked like the flower girls were put in a ring and asked to wrestle 🙂

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  1. L k Garg says:

    Nice Job and creativity…
    Its better than heavy fancy dresses or loaded with decorated cardboard pellets…

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