Dandiya fun with friends

It was the Navratri season and it meant only one thing for Akshara – friends! All her friends came over to our house for the Golu and she had a gala time with them. We also had the get-together for the Garba event. Out came the Dandiya sticks from cold storage!


Practising dandiya at home

It seems that her dance teacher in school had taught them the basic Dandiya steps. She became obsessed with these steps and at every given opportunity, would take out the sticks and start dancing. This proved a bit risky for the golu setup with her enthusiastically waving the sticks (pretty hard ones!) in all directions.
Dandiya dance party
Magarpatta organises a dandiya event every year towards the end of Navratri. We managed to find space for the kids to dance without being pushed about by the oldies. Every few minutes, there would be a photo session. As you would see later, the above photo was the only “calm” photo. After that, they completely lost it 🙂
Dandiya fun with friends
The fun thing was to watch the kids copy the various steps the biggies around them were doing. And, they did manage quite a few of them pretty well. It was a long evening both for the dancers (the kids) and the photographer(me)!
Dandiya kids dance

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