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Mnemonics Edition #1

Mnemonics is the art of assisting own memory by using a system of artificial aids such as, rhymes, rules, phrases, diagrams, acronyms and others; all to help in the recall of names, dates, facts and figures.

So,have you ever thought how to even memorize all the difficult answer and formulas and other stuff in a fun and easy manner?

Here’s a way you can remember them.It is very easy and once you read them you will know everything like a pro!

These things are quite hard to remember.But not anymore!

Mrs Nerg is an easy method to remember the characteristics of living things. Here’s how-

Easy right!

M stands for movement-as in all creatures move be it plants or animals

R stands for respiration.All of us breathe to survive.

S stands for sensitivity.We all respond to our surroundings.

N stands for nutrition.Different animals eat different food for their energy.

E stands for excretion.All species excrete.

R stands for reproduction.Animals give birth to babies of their own kind

G stands for growth.Every species on Earth grows until it dies.

Now it will be very easy to learn this,right?

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    Niceda Kannamma.

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    Super da kannamma. All the best. Looking for another interesting post

  3. Sashidhar Ganesh says:

    Dear Akshara,

    A good and quick article to read. Congrats on your first Blog. Way to go.

  4. Ramya says:

    Great start, Akshara! Congrats on your first blog post!

  5. Kavitha says:

    Hi Akshara !
    WOW……Really an interesting way to remember things .Good Start…Way to Go .

  6. Rajaram S says:

    I will also add a new post

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