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Fancy Dress Event at the school 4

Fancy Dress Event at the school

Treehouse was having its annual fancy dress event. Akshara’s batch (the playschool group) was asked to choose costumes of any cartoon character. We searched east, west, north and south in Pune to find a...

Sports Day at the school 1

Sports Day at the school

How do you get a bunch of 2.x year olds to understand the concept of a race with a starting line and a finish? Seems daunting, but Akshara’s school Tree-House managed it extremely well....

Radha says Happy Gokulashtami 6

Radha says Happy Gokulashtami

Last year, it was Krishna (See her for Akshara dressed up as Krishna). This year, the plan was for Radha. Also, her playschool had asked all girls to be dressed up as Radha and...