It’s been a month!

already since Akshara was born. So, we decided to have a small inhouse function on that occasion and as every other function in the name of Akshara, we celebrated in her name and then all of us other then Akshara gorged on food!

The bigger baby (Sadhana) wanted to hold the smaller baby (Akshara) and take a photo. So, it was duly arranged!

Finally, we also managed a picture of Akshara with Vidhya’s mom in which she looks into the camera.

Yet another, “why do you compress me, if you want to take my photo” expression…

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4 Responses

  1. rashmi says:

    nice photos.
    some babies don’t open their fingers,they keep is closed.but Ashara seems to let her fingers free always,so i feel she will be a “DANA SHOORA KARNA” in future(not keeping anything to herself,and giving everything to others)

  2. ravi says:

    nice pics. so how is your new world of diapers? keeping you hectic, or sleeping as always with your snoring sounds 🙂

  3. Ajitha says:

    She is looking so adorable .. esp in the one with Sadana.. Vidhya, u have already bought all those matching accessories for her 😉

    Rajaram, please add my blog too :

  4. Yama, Alaska says:

    Congrads….!! She’s beautiful and her father is dutiful. You have an incredible family… I love reading the blog here in Alaska! Enjoy it.. it goes so quickly…

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