What will Akshara grow up to be?

No, I am not one of those over-eager parents who start teaching vedic mathemtaics to their kids the moment they are able to display an isolated finger, which the parent intreprets as an early sign of being good in counting numbers! Neither am i the over-ambitious parent who books a management-quota seat in university in the worry that one might not be available 18 years later.

I am just the normal parent who is trying to act smart by identifying a kid’s strength early on, so that Akshara doesn’t get pushed into the ubiquitous engineering or medical streams. So, what does Akshara seem to be good at?

Well, from what i have seen over the past one month, a clear area of expertise has emerged. It is not mathematics (She doesn’t respond to 1,2 – Buckle my shoe!), not Physics (the simple harmonic motion exhibited by the toy hung at the top of her bouncer only makes her dizzy!), definitely not chemistry (work of some of my genes!). After a month of decoding, i have realized that her interest lies in Escapology and she has a great potential to become an escape artist in the likes of Harry Houdini and David Copperfield.

How did i conclude so? However we wrap her, whatever we use to wrap her – be it a swaddle blanket, a turkey towel or even an ordinary cloth- it just takes her a few minutes and some convolutions to break free and go back to her “God save me” pose.

Now, i have to start worrying. I have to find a nice place where she can hone her skills, not in biology or zoology, but in escapology.

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