First Birthday Party in Chennai

It was Akshara’s first birthday and we wanted it to be a special occasion. But, the flying pigs (swine flu) in Pune meant that organising a party and inviting friends was out of the question. We didn’t want to have a quiet in-the-house cake cutting ceremony for the first birthday. So, off we flew to Chennai for the weekend to have a party there.


It was a small party intended for close relatives. We booked a hall at GRT Convention centre, next to the GRT Grand Days hotel on G.N.Chetty Road. the folks back in Chennai visited dozens of hotels/Halls for this purpose and finally decided on GRT convention centre because the hall was impressive and the price was quire reasonable at 500 rupees a head including dinner. Choosing the menu turned out to be an ordeal in itself as the hotel had given a huge list of items in various categories and we had to choose some from each category.


A birthday party has to have a birthday cake. Vidhya, after spending hours online, narrowed down on four designs which were promptly sent across to the chennai folks with the various priorities and intricacies explained. Yet another tour of Chennai happened, this time of the many bakeries. Few said that only the head chef/baker could do this and would require time (we gave only 2 days notice!) whereas few said that such a design could be managed only on a fruit cake (yuk!). Finally, Cakes ‘n Bakes agreed to whatever conditions we imposed (including the tight deadline) and produced a masterpiece, one that was indistinguishable from the sample printout we had given. Hats off to Cakes ‘n Bakes.


The cake was huge, weighing in at almost 5 kilos. This was because everything other than the doll was actually made of “cake” or icing. A closer look at the cake below shows that even the dress of the doll was made of icing. Cool!



Vidhya had a nice idea. She had actually seen Surya wear a tshirt with a photo of his kid. So, she wanted me to wear something similar during the party. So, after some photoshop work, i took an image to Big Bazaar and they got it neatly printed on a white tshirt. I originally thought that they would just do a rubber print (which is messy), but they printed directly on a custom-made tshirt and the print blended very well on the tshirt.


Akshara, at the beginning, was a little terrified of the cake, which she probably perceived as an adversary. But, once she realised that it was an inanimate adversary, she was up to her usual stuff and started pulling the hair of the doll on the cake



The thathas and Paatis wanted to pose with the star of the evening. So, it was like a marriage reception where Akshara was passed on to the next group waiting to have their photo taken with her 🙂





Akshara became so fond of the balloons that it began to be used as a prop to make Akshara smile when being photographed!



In the midst of all the photography sessions, someone reminded us that the cake has to be cut for this to be a birthday party. So, with the cacophony of “Happy Birthday to you” in the background, Akshara calmly cut her first birthday cake!




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20 Responses

  1. Anu says:

    Akshara, looking beautiful 🙂
    Cake looking yummy yummy. The T-shirt idea is cool.

  2. Senthil Ponnuraj says:

    So cute… I am happy to see you all both Rajaram’s and Vidya’s parents… Do upload some more pictures.. Or let me know whcih shared drive you have them..

    many many more happy returns of the day to our beloved Akshara…

  3. dr.v.keerthivasan says:

    belated birthday wishes to akshara
    your daughter is so cute and thanks for your blog am ordering a similar cake for my daughter manasvi’s first birthday.
    Can you tell me where to get her photo printed on the t-shirt like the one aksharas dad is wearing

  4. Rajaram S says:

    Hi..i got the t-shirt done at Big Bazaar…

  5. rashmi says:

    Belated Birthday wishes to Akshara

  6. Mrs. Sangeetha Baskar says:

    Belated birthday wishes to Akshara.
    We live in Singapore native from Chennai. We are planning to host our daughter’s birthday party in Chennai during Feb 2010. GRT grand days is also one in our list. As you have already had an experience with them, would you like to recommend the hotel to us. Howz the food and is the price worth the deal! We are eagerly looking to hear from you.
    Take care always. God bless.

  7. kumudha says:

    Wonderful blog!

    My son is almost 18 months, and has become so naughty…

    Came here while searching for baby krishna costume…

  8. Laxmi says:

    Hi, Can you pls mail me & let me know where u ordered this cake?

  9. Farida says:

    i just bumped in to your blog while serching for a party hall for my kid’s b’day coming up…….beutiful blog i shud say………… 🙂

  10. Ashwini Radhakrishnan says:

    Belated Birthday wishes to Akshara.
    Can you pls let me know where u ordered this cake?
    and can you suggest me some shop for printing creative invitation card and paper bags for my son’s first birthday.
    can you please tell me how much they charge for the party hall and food???

    Waiting for your reply…..

  11. Vidya says:

    nice blog.. gr8 idea.. 🙂

    For any help for parties, you can also get in touch with confetti in chennai, for any service like decor, source return gifts, games, entertainment, food, cake or to arrange hall..etc.. they have a profile in facebook with pictures for reference.

  12. Vidya says:

    nice blog.. gr8 idea.. 🙂

    For any help for parties, you can also get in touch with confetti in chennai, for any service like decor, source return gifts, games, entertainment, food, cake or to arrange hall..etc.. they have a profile in facebook with pictures for reference.

    their contact details are also there in just dial.

  13. Santosh says:

    I really felt good! true! I am really happy that cuty Akshara is blessed with a very caring and luving parents! Appreciate the efforts. Wow…I have started thinking about my marriage and my kid’s first bday party..ha haha..

    Tx a lot..I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.. 🙂

    Santosh SB 🙂

  14. sriram iyer says:

    Dei Rajaram
    Ennada kalakirukka…

    your old schoolmate K Sriram

  15. Rajaram S says:

    hey Sriram ..long time! How r u ..drop in a mail to me..

  16. sricharan says:

    hey ram….akshara is so cute.i enjoyed reading this article thoroughly.

  17. vanitha says:

    hi akshara is so cute and beautiful

  18. Priyanka says:

    its a very Nice BLog n well explained….

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  19. PREMALATHA says:


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